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Do do do...I'm moving crap to my new place downstairs. I've gotten all the bathroom stuff and I wanna get the wall stuff taken down in my bedroom and living room today, and move in my kitchen stuff. I can't move anything for my bed and living room until this next weekend, b.c. landlady's repainting the two rooms. OMG they needed it SOOOOOOO bad. They girl there before me smoked ventilation and it's was just gross. Yellowing walls...EKRech! So it smells better now, and it's being painted tom.

Started at Perkin's...i like's just like Steak n Shake..although I can't wait to start working bar shift and get away from these HUGE families coming in for dinner, and I can't wait to start serving. Hostessing sucks..but only one more night of it, then I start server training. Yay!

Sashy, lord_maahes, has a deviant art site. Rain (dark skinned girl with kanji 'eternity' on 3rd eye) and the blue haired, Sumiko are the best. She promises me a pretty pink haired gay boy. Promises, promises... *dreams*

Damn I woke up this morning stiff as Tom Cruise after a dream about the mothership. My fingers were asleep, tho they always are, I think I have a major pinched never, and my body just did not want to ever roll over. To top it off, it was gray and snowing outside. God dammit, and I just shovled those goddamn stairs better stop before I move my stuff next weekend.

Well speaking of gays and aliens, the Oscars are on tonight. I will watch, and I will be dissapointed I'm sure. I'm happy Jon Stewart is hosting, but according to the Academy, I hope he bombs according to their standards, b.c. I don't want him to be some pandering golden boy idiot b.c. of tonight. If you are going to be who you are Jon, it's going to suck. Here's to Jon Stewart sucking, but not sucking the ball of Oscar!! *toast*

I'll post once the Oscars are done...*le sigh*...I'm hungry..I'm off... *reminder to work on avatars* o.O (!!!!)
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Ugh...there's this guy here who used to work here. He's my boss's little trustfund nephew. His first year in college. HIm and his friends think they're hot shit. I hate kids like that. I've said takes alot more energy to hate someone than it does to just not give a fuck about them. Just not care. But I really do hate these kinds of kids. These wanna be punks who have everything handed to them on a silver-fucking-platter. Call me grumpy. My friend Kyle was telling me not too long ago about how he got a blow job once from a guy that worked at the station. I was like "no shit!" Then I found out it was my boss's nephew! His g/f is a total beard. I told him today I met his little friend Kyle and he's like how do you know him? And I just said he was a friend of a friend (totally true) and he was like "omg I can't put a face to the name, but yeah I remember him". I wanted to say "yeah you can't put a face on him b.c. you were too busy staring at his willy." But I resisted. I swear. You could tell by the look in his eye too...hahahaha He knows I'm on to him. muahahahha >:} I am her Saltiness once again.

Onto nicer news:
Been talking alot to Justikn lately. I really think I may have a crush on someone I've never met in person. He's just so amazing. *sigh* Can't wait until he comes down to see me. I'm so excited. *squee* I love talking to him. And I'm not one for long convos unless it's Nick or you Sarah squirrelsattack ( I don't think we ever have a conversation under an hour). I really don't want to freak out and lose someone like him b.c. I'm an idiot. But he's leaving for Jamacia for a week. :( He said he'd email at the internet cafe, what a babe)

BTW - Ze where have you been? I haven't seen nor heard from you in awhile!! A long awhile. :( **hgus**

Write again soon. Running away now.
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And so it begins...

I got the job in Prestonsburg! So I'm moving Sunday, and Monday. Wow, it's kinda scary. I've got an apartment I'm looking at, and will be hopefully moving into on Monday. I'm really excited. This is just the first step. This isn't my goal by far. One day I'll be producing just like Lilywhite, or I'll take over Conan O'Brian's job. heheh >:} Oh, So weird, I found out that Trevor, my current manager at Steak n Shake's, uncle lives in the same complex in NY as Conan! Whoo HOoo!!'s all about making the contacts my babies...^_^

SO I'm working at SNS tonight and Sat, and then that's it. I'm meeting Will and Carrie at the Waffle House tonight, and then I'm going to see Spidey 2 with my lil cousin Nate on Saturday. Nate is the biggest Spidey fan I know, I swear. I've already seen the movie, but it's just that damn good.

Mom and Dad are letting me have the comp downstairs, and it'll just be time before I get the internet hook up. Right now I must finish packing.

I might be AWOL for awhile, but I'll be back!! Oh and thanks for the iconage Siya! Hotmail is being an ass though, but that's not your fault. ;p Wish me luck guys and I'll see you all very very soon. Love yas!!!!!!!!! ******hgus******
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Time for a new leaf...thingy, deal.

I just got back from Kentucky yesterday. My interview went really, really well. I really hope I get the job. I'll know by Friday, or Monday. I'm emailing this PD in Carrolton, and I'm waiting to hear re: an interview from Cosmo in Columbia. That's not too far from home, and will be a good thing when Jason moves to Chi-town. Which brings me to my next subject...

Unburied Secrets will be filmed!!!!!!!!! YAYAY!!!! Right now, we're working on Last Week (tenetive title), but we want to start filming on Secrets in Fall '05. We'll have a big budget too. Lily's family is rich. Put it that way. We'll have about $25,000 to produce this film. And Jason's having auditions, for everyone, me,and nick, and lily included. If I don't fit a part, (after I lose some weight), I'm sure Jason will want me on crew, which will rock. I'd love to help direct again. ^_^

AND NOW!!!!!!!!! I just got a call from Samantha at WQHY, and they want me!! YAYAYAYY!!! I told her I'd call her tomorrow to see for sure. I'm going to get ahold of Cosmo later to see if maybe now he'll want me to come in for an interview quicker than a week or more from now. Ya know, now that I've got an offer and all *knock on wood*

And Nick just called, and said he's got some good news for me. So we'll see what he wanted. ...Wow. Well it was good, but not what I was thinking, but then again, I'm not sure what I was thinking. They're showing Spidey 2 at Midnight and we're going! Woot! Totally psyched. O_O

Now I'm going to call Cosmo, and finish talking to nick. Bye-bye! *runs off squeeing*
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Ahhhhhh! Went to go see POA at the Omnimax! Whoa. ^_^ It was all around me! hehe

Got an interview in KY on Tues! YAYAYAY! I'll be the one with the most beautiful smile there, and all my teeth. ;p I'm excited really. It's at a CHR-Top 40 type deal, so that rocks. So much better than fucking country. *gag*

OH AND THIS! LMAO This is the best. Ahhhhhhh...people crack me the hell up. No pun intended

That's all for now. More later when I have time. Must write...more...monaboyd. Find muse...must find...muse...need ...MUSE!!!!! Writers block! Fuck! *beats self over head*
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WOW! What a suprise! You're a "FLAMING
QUEEN!" You put the here in queer, the ho
in homo and the fun in disfunctional! You are
either one of the most fun types of gay people
or the most annoying breed ever to be born. You
call all your guy friends "girl" and
say "Shit" and "bitch" a
lot. You are always followed by a fag hag or
fruit fly

What kind of queer are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I knew it. I've always said I have the soul of a Queen. ^_^
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House sitting for Rich and Maria today while they're at work. They're getting a sleep number bed. Yay! Never even tried one of those. I like my egg crate thingy underneath my mattress just fine for now. Yes I can be a bit of a princess when it comes to where I sleep. Never on the floor;especially at their apartment. It's thread on concrete! Fucking-A-Ouch.

Got an interview next week sometime in OK, just waiting for the call to say when. There's a postition open in Springfield, IL right now too, at the station I already interviewed at.

And now I have the hiccups. Dammit. And my ear is clogged. And it hurts. Bad. Very bad. Very fucking bad. Like that weird bad clog, where it won't pop and when I blink it throbs like a drum. That sounded weird, but that's just the way it is with ears I guess. Weird fucking ears. And wax. GAWD. Some people need to remember to clean their ears. *nod* Please?

Went and saw POA!!! :D They left out a bunch of stuff from the book, but I guess that's the charm that always makes reading the book better. They didn't mention EXACTLY who the Marauders were. And if you were smart you might have figured it out yourself by the moon showing when Lupin saw the boggart, or the paw prints leading to where Sirius was. NIcceeeee ^_^ And they showed Prongs, but never mentioned anything about it being James. That was a little disapointing. AND they never talked about the Whomping Willow being placed there specifically for Lupin and why the Shrieking Shack always sounded haunted. AND (and probably my biggest peeve), they didn't elaborate on Trelawney's prediction! I mean it happened and all, but for some kids it might have been confusing. But then again, that's what I loved about this movie, it was much darker, and smarter. It didn't play you out to be some mystery idiot, but I think a few details could have been left in. Then again, Rowling did lend to write the screenplay. I guess she has her reasons. I just can't for the 4th movie. So fucking fantastic! The GOF is my fave book thus far, I just hope they do cut it in two movies, because otherwise I think too much will be left out. Okay, enough with my review and opinion of things.

Well I'm never truly done with my opinion of things. So with that, Happy Gay Pride month! :D
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I am a dandy lil fungus under your feet...

Still looking for that perfect job. *sigh* I've got loads of money saved up so far though, and all bills paid. :) That's a good thought. Just emailed a couple people for interviews. Might be going to an interview in Oklahoma in a couple weeks, but I'd love to get one going in Conn., but I have to email him tomorrow. :P The city is very close to NY too!!! ^_^ *happy dance*

There's a sign across from me at the library right now, that says, "Make It a Hobbit", with a pic of Elijah Wood as Frodo on it. *grin* *whispers to self*....I'll make mine a hobbit...hehe OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! One week and 4 days till POA!!!!! ^_^ *more happy dancing* Make mine a Wizard! ;)

Speaking of, I've started playing D&D with Steve, Ashley, Tyler, Hilary, Erica, and Tom. Oh and Dustin, who looks like Ron Weasley (YAY!), but is a total dickhead. :P I'm a Half-Elf Paladin and I kick ass!!! Well I only had a demo last night, but I still kick ass.

I'm going to go home now and catch up on Queer As Folk, (I've missed last week and this week!!) and chill and read some more of The Woman With the Alabaster Jar. Mom asked about it and I told her it was a book about Mary Magdalene. Which is true, but if she knew what it was really about, I'd be labeled a devil child or something. I can't help my curiousity with what the Catholic church has hidden over so many years, about so many things.

Hilary's coming over soon, so I'm going to go. Wait...I have to sign off all cool-like like Ryan Seacrest. lol *groan*

Moss-OUT! (WTF?!)
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Took some fun quizes today (I snatched the website from kaishijinn, thanks babe) Keep me amused! Trangle on!

Take the quiz: "Which Element do you align with?"

You are a being of Air. You bank on your intuition and intelligence to solve problems. You are inspired and moved by the arts, especially music. Hermes and Aurora watch over you.

I knew this, I'm too damn indecisive, and I communicate through every outlet known to man.

And this one...
Take the quiz: "The Wildest, Craziest, Most Massive Quiz Ever!"

A Giant Generic Green Genie
Omigawd! I survived the biggest, wildest quiz on the internet!
I thought it would never end! Now I am posting this Tongue-Twisting result to dare you to take it.
Can you survive it? fucked up.

End Journal Entry.
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