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There Goes Tomorrow

Mindfulness is tricky, but when reminded, it never fails to work. I feel a sense of calm, of letting go that I had never previously experienced in my lifetime.

I need to remember always that the wind will blow where it will, the trees will shake, the grass will cower, the plains will flood.

"Your bible, when left in the rain, will tarnish and tear. My bible is the rain."
~ A Najavo woman elder

Everything cycles...that is all we can rely upon.

In times of sorrow and severe doubt, I will think of a circle. Meditating on the circle and it's meaning. That, for me, symbolizes life. Energy never perishes, it moves, it's transferred. It transforms into a new shape, color, size. It becomes lighter or darker. The wind dies, but it will come back. Water falls, and finds it's way back to the atmosphere.

This, you say, is mere science. This, I say, is where I find god.

It gives me peace that I am one with nature, one with the universe. I am part of the puzzle. I am not detached.

I am letting be, in attempts to attain the wisdom to accept what will be will be. I have the character strength in which to live a purposeful and loving life, it is the big picture, what happens after we "shake this mortal coil" that gives my mind no rest. I feel I am getting there day by day.

A Circle. The Sun, the moon, the planets. To understand is to tune in to what drives them.

If being left in the dark, the Christian "Hell", is indeed what I've heard it described as the absence of god, then I want to feel light. Light and water are what began Life here on Earth. I think that is where I want to begin my new journey.
Tags: circle, mindfulness, self-realization, spiritual

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