Taije Saline (saltylarrykiss) wrote,
Taije Saline

FUCK YOU Myspace. FUCK YOU Facebook. THIS is where my true heart lies.

No creepy people from high school here. *looks around* Nada.

No pervs or annoying, pardon my lament term here, "sucky" bands.

No "REQUESTS" of any fucking kind!!!!!!!

Ah, the sweet perfume that freedom wafts into my nostrils. You know what I <3 about this place? Not a damn person living or otherwise, knows who I am! Do you? No, probably not. This doesn't mean I love you any less, but merely love my anonymity more.

I will be here blogging, journal, whatever the fuck you want to call it. This is where it's at, yes. I think I should start a new journal, linked to the old one, but making things fresh. Oh, I love that word. Fresh. Say it - "fresh".

I <3 you LiveJournal and always will. You were my first...and you never forget your first. ;)

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