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OH I told THAT Bitch!!

I knew something like this would happen, and for ONCE in my life, I was prepared for it!!

I got a letter from my EX landlords today, stating that they had taken my deposit and spent it on my prorated rent for April (which I had planned) and that they charged me $65 in late fees b.c. I didn't pay it on the 1st (TECHNICALLY it said it my letter that it was owed before I moved out, so really they shouldn't have, but I really don't care to argue that matter).
They had also taken out $5 to replace the blinds. I would gladly pay for that. Everyday I came home, Hedwig would get up on the bench and pull down the blinds to watch me come up the stairs to the door. **Teen Girl Squad voice** SOOOO CEEYUTEE. ^^

Anyway, so I read the letter and noticed they were going to charge me about $100 to clean this god-forsaken hell hole. They said they had to clean for 3 hours and were going to charge me about $35/hr. So at first I got really really fucking pissed off. Then, I took a second and thought clearly for the first time with these guys. (well techincally the second, okay new paragraph...)

They sent me another letter in Feburary, in the winter, saying that me and my neighbor didn't clean the sidewalk after a snow and that we owed her abot $150 for the city to clean it, but I said I wouldn't pay it b.c the fucking picture on the letter from the city had a completely different house on it! I wasn't going to pay without photographic evidence! Who would?? I was very rational and matter of fact about the situation. So she got pissed when I called her and told her I wouldn't. They never answer their phones, so left her a Voicemail and there was some phone tag over the course of about 10 min that ended with her yelling and hanging up on me. Good way to do business I think. Very professional. We got a letter about a month later, saying that the "sidewalk issue" wasn't important right now, but if she heard anything from the city that we would owe her money. Sure. Okay. This is what I've dealt with for 2 years and had just finally started sticking up for myself.

On with the NEW letter...I WAS thinking clearly. They said I still owed them about $75. I had been smart this time around. I had taken pictures of my freshly scrubbed apartment, everything. Carpet, bathtub, mirrors, window ledges, stove, living room, etc. I called her and told her this in my message on her phone (they don't answer remember??). I said,..."so I'm all set, you let me know if you want to take this to court, because technially you would owe me about $30, plus the court costs, b.c. of course I would win. So let me know, BYE :) !!"

So I'm downstairs doing laundry when she called I guess. I get upstairs and there's a new VM from her. She says, "We just want you to stop calling us. Just whatever, you're really annoying, stop calling. We wish you the best. Goodbye."

LOLOLOLOLOLOL YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Stop calling us! LMAO Because I was FINALLY after 2 years onto their shit and I wasn't going to take it anymore! They realized they couldn't take advantage of me anymore. I was so happy and for once in a long time, proud of myself. If it were more than $30, I would so take their ass to court. They can't afford it, neither can I, but again, if it were a larger amount, it would so be worth it with these guys.

I <3 my new apartment. ^^
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