Taije Saline (saltylarrykiss) wrote,
Taije Saline

Quick quick-like update...

I moved to La Crescent just across the river. I didn't get the overnight gig, which means that I'll have to start looking to move within the next 6 months to a year. In the meantime, I think I'll start possibly doing floor crew work with the local CBS station or having Shaun help me get started on voiceover work. Bottom line, I need to get out of here to get on with my career. As much as I really like it here in La Crosse, I'm starting to get bored with it. I think that's a sign. I'm getting too comfortable.

In my new fabulous place (I have a freakin' dishwaser and a fireplace!!), I have the internet. It's...um...kick ass having a lappy. hehe Finally, I mean Christ almighty. I've been trying to get the internet at home since I moved from my parents house 3 yrs ago.

Filling in for Shaun for the next couple of weeks on nights until we find a morning show. It's pretty demanding of my phone and board skills, and I love it. And pre-production for the show too, which is gonna kick ass that I'll have something to show for, should a PD need it in the future. I'm so grateful for Shaun. He's really willing to help me out. I just need to shed myself of any attitude or ego and totally absorb everything he tells me and guides me on. He told Jen he'd help me get a full-time gig by Fall if she didn't give me one. So, she missed out, and some PD is gonna get really lucky when they get me. ^_^

Okay so more like a quick, long-like update...

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