Taije Saline (saltylarrykiss) wrote,
Taije Saline

FRIENDS ONLY (but I swear I'm not elitist)

It's not that I don't adore meeting NEW people, just makes it easier and sans anon. posts this way. If you want to be added to my friends list, then just post here! I'll get the email! Thanks ^_^
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no, i do not want to be added.

just kidding.
where have you been? I couldn't access your LJ like 2 weeks ago. I thought maybe you left LJ. Maybe I won't add you to my list. Dammit...you already ARE on my list. SHit. lol
I was about to ask you the same thing... we need to talk. I want to hear about what's up with you and Justiasabdsaisbdfiauwbegviubwdvasbdbasdbffffkn.
Justikn? You dork. :P lol
Um, I sorta stumbled on your LJ (well, after doing a region search on my hometown), and you seem interesting, and I always like to have interesting people on my flist, so I added you. Add me back?
Absolutely! Just saw But I'm a Cheerleader (Clea Duvall is so hott) like 2 weeks ago for the first time! (noticed it in your interests)

And rasputina! I lovee them. Definately added, we got alot in common! ^_^
raspy is the best. my favorite band ever. i'm obsessed, and i love it.
It'sssss Lucy.
Add me back my beautiful beautiful Amber. ♥
There you are!!! *adds* ^_^ *hgus*
Hey sugar. Sash here. Thought I would drop you a line. Miss you a lot. Please get in contact. Hell, give me a fucking payphone number to reach you at!
Oh right I forgot!!! I found my phone just a few days ago!!! YAFUCKINGAYYYY!!

So call me. ^_^

Perty icons...*pet pet*
Oh yeah, my icon is male. ^^ Isn't he perty?
Just in case you have yet to friend me... blah
hey there, just found your journal searching for people in la crosse. we have a lot of the same interests (at least on our user info pages!), so i thought i'd read you.