May 2nd, 2007

anime lhama

Roommates? More like Poomates (I know I got nothing...)

I've had like 4 ppl come out and look at my place and two of them never called and they said they would.'s like that asshole guy that says he'll call and never will. If you don't plan on calling, don't say you "...will call tomorrow!" My place is super nice too, it's just like about 8-10 min to the school and people are fucking lazy. I'm just pissed...Actually it might be for the best because if I'm going to move...but if I don't move till next Spring I think Janelle (a girl I work with, who's going home for summer, and doesn't have anywhere to move in next Fall...) might move in for next school year. That would rock, but we'll see.

In kids are indeed lazy and dumb. I know...I used to be one.
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