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Bliss tastes like sweet sweet nectar juice

So yeah about 2 days after my last post, my boss pulled me into her office to tell me...

I GOT THE OVERNIGHT GIG!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!! I've been waiting 2 years for this!

So of course I'm staying in LAX. I haven't been here much b.c. unfortunately we have accounts on another competing blog site. So I've spent alot of time there. But I wanted to post it so it's on record. Oh and I got a fabulous roommate, a guy. And I'm crushing bad on this guy from BRF who's into the exact same music I am, is a big sweetheart and looks like a cross between Chris Daughtry with Jack Johnson's lips. DAAAYUM. *sigh* I'm happy. Just totally happy. I don't think I've said that in the like 4 years I've had this journal, that I'm just honestly happy with my whole life.

**hugs for all**
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Hello hello hi hello.

IT'S BIPPY. BACK FROM THE DEAD. Or another form.

It's nearly 5am and I logged into this journal from nostalgia and I realized there are so many people who I lost contact with when I switched over to my new journal.

THUS...! How the hell are you? :D
OMG how the hell are you?? :)

Do you have a myspace? I know that's gay...LOL But that's unfortunately what I use now b.c. of work. YIM maybe??

So...Aren't you going to college now?? How is everything? Damn it has been a long time!!
Yes, I do have a Myspace and its been consuming my life since 2004, haha! My link is http://www.myspace.com/arrimapirate Add me!

College? Nah, one more year, I'm going into my senior year this year, crazy right? I'm hoping to attend the University of the Arts in Philly next fall however. I have AIM, but gave up on YIM a long while ago. I do still have MSN, though. Yayayayay.