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And so it begins...

I got the job in Prestonsburg! So I'm moving Sunday, and Monday. Wow, it's kinda scary. I've got an apartment I'm looking at, and will be hopefully moving into on Monday. I'm really excited. This is just the first step. This isn't my goal by far. One day I'll be producing just like Lilywhite, or I'll take over Conan O'Brian's job. heheh >:} Oh, So weird, I found out that Trevor, my current manager at Steak n Shake's, uncle lives in the same complex in NY as Conan! Whoo HOoo!! ..it's all about making the contacts my babies...^_^

SO I'm working at SNS tonight and Sat, and then that's it. I'm meeting Will and Carrie at the Waffle House tonight, and then I'm going to see Spidey 2 with my lil cousin Nate on Saturday. Nate is the biggest Spidey fan I know, I swear. I've already seen the movie, but it's just that damn good.

Mom and Dad are letting me have the comp downstairs, and it'll just be time before I get the internet hook up. Right now I must finish packing.

I might be AWOL for awhile, but I'll be back!! Oh and thanks for the iconage Siya! Hotmail is being an ass though, but that's not your fault. ;p Wish me luck guys and I'll see you all very very soon. Love yas!!!!!!!!! ******hgus******
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