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I am a dandy lil fungus under your feet...

Still looking for that perfect job. *sigh* I've got loads of money saved up so far though, and all bills paid. :) That's a good thought. Just emailed a couple people for interviews. Might be going to an interview in Oklahoma in a couple weeks, but I'd love to get one going in Conn., but I have to email him tomorrow. :P The city is very close to NY too!!! ^_^ *happy dance*

There's a sign across from me at the library right now, that says, "Make It a Hobbit", with a pic of Elijah Wood as Frodo on it. *grin* *whispers to self*....I'll make mine a hobbit...hehe OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! One week and 4 days till POA!!!!! ^_^ *more happy dancing* Make mine a Wizard! ;)

Speaking of, I've started playing D&D with Steve, Ashley, Tyler, Hilary, Erica, and Tom. Oh and Dustin, who looks like Ron Weasley (YAY!), but is a total dickhead. :P I'm a Half-Elf Paladin and I kick ass!!! Well I only had a demo last night, but I still kick ass.

I'm going to go home now and catch up on Queer As Folk, (I've missed last week and this week!!) and chill and read some more of The Woman With the Alabaster Jar. Mom asked about it and I told her it was a book about Mary Magdalene. Which is true, but if she knew what it was really about, I'd be labeled a devil child or something. I can't help my curiousity with what the Catholic church has hidden over so many years, about so many things.

Hilary's coming over soon, so I'm going to go. Wait...I have to sign off all cool-like like Ryan Seacrest. lol *groan*

Moss-OUT! (WTF?!)
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